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Small businesses are the lifeblood of our local economies & communities

From sponsoring the local junior football team to delivering groceries to the elderly and vulnerable, they play a huge role in our local communities, bringing vibrancy and variety to our towns and cities.

Things like ‘community’ and ‘authenticity’ are often talked about by big businesses – small businesses simply just do it.

We want to recognise and celebrate all small businesses, no matter now niche or tiny, whether they’re trading from a shop, a van or their spare room.  To the grafters, the bosses, the side hustlers and the grinders, we appreciate the work goes into running a business. It’s 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and when you do finally stop working, you never really stop working, do you.

Covid-19 has hit the smallest businesses the hardest. 2 in 5 may not survive 2020 and they need urgent support.

Indie Business Live launched on Friday 4th July. The concept was developed by business and consumer expert Kate Hardcastle MBE and is being fulfilled by Business Partner Sara Hassan.

In just 21 days, Indie Business Live has galvanised partners, businesses and individuals across the UK in the biggest show of support for small businesses.

But it doesn’t stop there…

3 things we want to achieve through Indie Business Live events & the associated network:

Connect Small businesses across all regions, sectors and demographics – being a small business owner can be challenging at times (after all you’re often the finance, HR, marketing and operations team all rolled in to one). With the right networks and support, we can facilitate the sharing of expertise and experiences, to help make running a better business that much easier.

Create a panel of representative voices, who truly understand and recognise the needs of small businesses, facilitating proper consultation and engagement with the government and other associated bodies.

Engage and encourage small businesses to embrace transformation and change for good. By showcasing work from the best small businesses, we will demonstrate best practice and highlight key lessons, allowing business owners to see the benefits of utilising technology, video and promoting their businesses to a wider audience.

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This event is an essential reminder as why small business makes a BIG difference to communities

“The importance of small independent businesses has been highlighted significantly in the recent lockdown. For many, the local corner shop has been a lifeline, and I am excited to join this campaign & event”

Baroness Helen Newlove

Count me in as a guest!

We promise to only store your data for the purposes of the Indie Business Live event, and will not share or abuse your information.